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Founded in 1974, IDC-Automatic was created by Gerry Sizer in his home. Since those early years, the garage door company has grown through hard work and dedication.  Today his children, Jodi Boldenow and Jeremy Sizer, have stepped into the roles of second generation owners. IDC-Automatic Garage Doors is a leader in high performance residential, industrial and custom garage doors for families and businesses just like yours. We proudly stand behind every garage door we manufacture and sell, from the classic wooden garage doors for a private residence to industrial garage doors for commercial garage door applications & properties.  We also offer general garage door service & repair to address any issues you may have with your garage. As you browse our website, we hope you will begin to think differently about garage doors. A quality garage door can create a great first impression at the front of your house. And with how many times you use your garage door on a daily basis, you need to make sure you go with the highest-quality garage door available. That's where IDC-Automatic Garage Doors comes in, with our  endless possibilities for industrial and residential garage doors, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors will quickly become your “Garage Door Place”, so check out our website or call to get more information about the variety of garage doors we have available for installation and how we can also help with service and repair issues too. 

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