Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

Various residential garage doors to choose from with a large variety of colors and styles

Wood Look Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

Explore or wood look garage doors

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Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

At IDC-Automatic in Minneapolis, we know that beautiful residential garage doors are a critical part of your home improvement project. And because your home is a reflection of your own personal style, we offer the widest range of colors and styles for residential garage doors in the industry.

Take a look at all of our residential garage doors and when you are ready, give us a call. Our knowledgeable staff will personally work with you to find the perfect residential garage doors for your home!

Custom Wood Residential Garage Doors

7 Series by IDC-Automatic

Our hybrid wood and steel construction combines the beauty of custom wood garage doors with high performance engineering and insulation. We offer the only custom wood residential garage doors on the market that come with lifetime warranties. Our custom wood residential garage doors are handcrafted in Minnesota and shipped throughout the U.S. for clients who expect only the best.

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Semi-Custom Residential Garage Doors

5 Series by IDC-Automatic

Semi-Custom Residential Garage Doors: 5 Series

Our semi-custom residential garage doors are made in Minnesota and are an exceptional option for homeowners looking for outstanding beauty, durability, and value. These unique residential garage doors offer the appeal of custom wood garage doors in lower maintenance materials.

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Premium Copper & Stainless Steel Residential Garage Doors

For a cool contemporary look, our 10 R-value copper and stainless steel residential garage doors offer outstanding value. Flush styling never goes out of style and maintenance-free finishes will ensure these residential garage doors look great for years to come.

Residential Garage Doors

Premium Steel
Portfolio Line®
Triple Layer Construction
(Steel + Insulation + Steel)
Insulated R-Value 6.5 - 18.4*

Extremely well-insulated residential garage doors in a wide range of styles will complement and protect any home. Strength, warmth and traditional styling for a garage door that will last for the lifetime of your home. Select the best option for your home from this line of resilient and attractive residential garage doors. Canyon Ridge®, Coachman®, Gallery® Ultra-Grain, Gallery®, Premium Series® and Premium Ultra-Grain® are premium residential garage doors that you will be proud to showcase.

Residential Garage Doors

Double Layer Value Plus Line
(Steel + Insulation)
Insulated R-Value 4.4 - 6.3*

The double layer value plus line of insulated residential garage doors are beautiful in appearance and deliver superior insulation as well. For those looking for quiet residential garage doors that offer protection from the elements, this door is for you. This door is available in three styles with many window options and five factory finishes to choose from.

Residential Garage Doors

Elegant Steel Overlay
Single Layer PVC Overlay

Steel residential garage doors available with or without insulation at prices that offer exceptional value. Great Value with Carriage style overlay.

Steel Residential Garage Doors

Single Layer Value Garage Doors

The Single Layer Value series of residential garage doors are available without insulation at prices that offer exceptional value. A practical option that combines a nice appearance with great value, the steel residential garage doors tend to be a popular choice for builders and contractors. These residential garage doors are available in two styles with optional windows and five factory finishes.

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