LiftMaster Model 84505R

LiftMaster Model 84505R

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An image of the Liftmaster 84505R garage door opener that features the camera. Next to the image is a smart phone with a screen that is displaying what the camera sees, in this case, a woman waving at the camera and walking between two parked cars in a driveway. Quiet & Smooth Operation

Best-in-class belt drive system and DC motor provides reliable operation and lasting service.

myQ® Connected

Control, secure, and monitor the garage from the myQ app anytime, from anywhere.

Camera With 2-Way Communication

A built-in 130⁰ wide-angle camera lets you see and hear what’s happening in your garage through the myQ app.

Secure In-Garage Delivery

Enables Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery - free for Amazon Prime members.

Security+ 2.0®

Safeguards garage access by sending a new code with every click of the remote.

myQ Diagnostics Compatible

Provides real-time insights for your garage door via its Health Report. You will be sent alerts if an issue arises and can connect to IDC-Automatic for professional services if needed.

Invisible Light Beam System

Auto-reverses the garage door if there is an obstruction.

Posilock® protection

Electronically protects against forced openings of the door.

a graphic that demonstrates phone screens side-by-side with push notifications from the myQ app on one screen and the myQ diagnostics page from the myQ app on the other.

Use the myQ app to control, secure and monitor your garage and conveniently share and manage access to your home without sharing passcodes or keys. Also, take the hassle out of service repair and easily connect to IDC-Automatic through the myQ app.

A photo of the illuminated LED lights of the 84505R taken from underneath the opener.

Increase functionality of the garage and never change a garage light bulb again. Dual lighting system provides 1,500 lumens of long-lasting LED light that brightens high traffic areas of the garage.

image of the 893-LM 3 button remote control.

893LM 3-Button Remote Control

Operates up to 3 openers or myQ light accessories. Safeguards your home with Security+ 2.0.

Photo of the 992LMW control panel.

882LMW Multi-Function Control Panel®

Operates the garage door opener and lights from inside the garage.


12V Dc, 53 RPM, automatic thermal protection.


▪ Steel chassis, T-rail and trolley, full reinforced belt drive mechanism (63:1 gear reduction and adjustable door arm)
▪ Auto-force adjustment for changing weather and environmental conditions
▪ Electronic limits for easy setup
▪ DC Wi-Fi logic board with built-in surge suppressor (for replacement logic boards, order part 050DCTBFMC)


120V AC, 60 Hz voltage, 6A current rating, UL Listed, 4' power cord (3-prong)


7.2" per second upward, 7.2" per second downward


Dual light lens LED - 1,500 lumens


Opener head: 10.5" L x 12.72" W x 8.185" H Note: when both decorative doors are open, the width of the opener is 30".

Rail Options:7' (2777BD)8' (2778BD)10' (2770BD)
Installed Length:127"139"163"
Max Opening:7' 6"8' 6"10' 6"

Headroom clearance required: 2"




Lifetime: Motor and Belt

1 Year: Parts, Camera, Accessories, and LED

Security+ 2.0

Radio controls: Operating range ~200'; Operating temperature: -40F to 150F; 3-Button Remote Control (893LM), Remote Control Code Format: Security+2.0, premium remote control; Garage Door Opener Code Format: Security+2.0; Anti-burglary coding.

Encrypted controls: Multi-Function Control Panel (882LMW); Program remote controls, maintenance alert system, easy Wi-Fi set up.

myQ Radio

902-928 MHz 50-Channel FHSS (frequently hopping spread spectrum); Provides 2-way communication from garage door opener and myQ accessories; Enables monitoring and control of garage door openers via smartphone or tablet.

HomeLink® compatible (version 4.0 or higher)

May require an external adapter depending on the model and year of vehicle. Visit for additional information.