Custom Wood Garage Doors: 5 Series

Custom Wood Garage Doors: 5 Series

Semi-Custom Carriage House Style Garage Door

The 5 series garage door is designed and built locally by idc-Automatic. This door is a carriage house style door with numerous customization design options.
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You should be able to choose the way your garage door looks. Your garage door is an opportunity to enhance your home’s appearance and transform its curb appeal. That’s why, at IDC-Automatic, we offer semi-custom garage doors. Our 5 Series offers access to carriage-style, semi-custom wood garage doors in Minneapolis and surrounding communities. You make the choices for what’s best for your home, the selections that will complement your home’s existing architecture and style.

Browse our selection of Semi-Custom 5 Series Doors at IDC-Automatic and check out the variety. Your home should look and feel the way you want it to, and the garage door is a big part of achieving that desired look and feel. Our selection of semi-custom garage doors in Minneapolis puts these decisions in your hands, giving you the freedom to craft your desired garage door appearance. From minimalist modern designs to the classic look of carriage house garage doors, we hope to make you think differently about garage doors.

The team at IDC-Automatic can assist you with selecting the best semi-custom garage doors to complement your home. Whether you prefer the elegance of carriage house garage doors or a more contemporary profile, we have beautiful options for you to choose from.