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Residential Garage Door Openers in Minneapolis

Open your garage door from your smartphone!

idc-Automatic offers our customers the LiftMaster remote garage door opener, guaranteeing years of quiet, reliable service for your home or business.
The smart garage door controller is one of the most popular recent advances in garage door technology. The LiftMaster automatic garage door opener is another addition to the smart home system and gives you much more control over the way your garage door opens and closes. 

Advantages of LiftMaster Remote Garage Door Openers

The LiftMaster® Remote Garage Door Opener Solution

idc-Automatic proudly carries LiftMaster remote garage door opener products and accessories, recognized as the leader in dependability and safety.

LiftMaster residential garage door openers allow you to control your door using a tablet or phone after downloading the coordinating app. Benefits of smart garage door openers from LiftMaster include:

  • Home security: You can program your garage door to open just before you get home with a LiftMaster remote garage door opener. You will also have the option of connecting your smart garage door opener to your residential security systems and will always know when your door is opened, even if you're not home. Use your automatic garage door opener to allow friends or family to access your garage without giving them a passcode or key.
  • Convenience: You will always be able to open your garage door as long as you have your digital device and a Wi-Fi connection. Once you enable your automatic garage door opener, you eliminate concerns like your opener's batteries running out or losing your garage door remote at an inopportune moment.
  • Remote option: You can open or close your garage door remotely from anywhere, so if you're headed out on vacation or on your way to work and realize you left the door open, you don't have to return home to close it.
  • Comfort: You may have a garage door opener that operates just fine, but can you hear it when you're taking a nap or enjoying some quiet time? The right LiftMaster residential door opener will offer significantly lower noise levels than the competition, allowing you to relax when you're at home.
  • Lighting: LiftMaster automatic garage door openers are equipped with built-in lights to illuminate the path to your garage. This type of lighting is invaluable in the winter, at night or in bad weather.
  • Low energy use: LiftMaster remote garage door opener solutions are highly cost-effective to run and do not need a lot of power to operate. This emphasis on efficiency makes them more environmentally friendly than other models.
  • Cost-effectiveness: LiftMaster automatic garage door openers are an absolute bargain to a family that values security or keeps valuable tools or other possessions in the garage.
  • Minimal maintenance: One of the best features of a remote garage door opener is its incredibly low maintenance requirements. To ensure your opener works appropriately for the long term, you will want to perform periodic upkeep according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Our Selection of Residential Openers

idc-Automatic has a vast selection of residential openers from the most trusted name in garage door openers, LiftMaster. Our selection includes belt-drive, chain-drive, and jackshaft openers, as well as Wi-Fi enabled and smart openers. We have the right garage door opener for any homeowner's need. If you have any questions on finding the right opener please contact our team today.