Commercial Concrete Contractor in Minneapolis, MN

When you’re building a new commercial building, whether it’s a restaurant, shopping center or office park, you need to choose materials that will last. You also want to work with a company that has a track record of experience and expertise in commercial concrete and construction. 

idcAutomatic recently expanded and acquired a concrete construction company, making us a trusted commercial concrete contractor. We’re pleased to be able to offer our commercial customers construction services in addition to the garage door installations, repairs and maintenance they’ve come to expect from us.

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Why Choose Concrete for Commercial Building Solutions?

Concrete has become the material of choice for commercial construction. Several features make concrete stand out from other building material options:

  • It’s affordable: Concrete is an affordable building option due to its upfront cost and longevity. Maintaining concrete requires fewer investments than other materials, making it more cost-effective.
  • It’s durable: Concrete is a durable material that can withstand wind, moisture and fire. It’s incredibly strong and is often used as the support system beneath buildings to keep them from sinking into the ground.
  • It can take the heat (or cold): Minneapolis can see its fair share of cold weather, not to mention heat waves. You need a material that can withstand extreme cold and high heat, and concrete delivers on both ends.
  • It’s attractive: On its own, concrete can be a visually appealing material, making it ideal for smooth floors and walkways. You can also add decorative touches to concrete through stamping that makes it even more attractive.
  • It’s fast: Time is of the essence during a commercial building project. The sooner the project is finished, the sooner clients can move in and start using the building. Concrete can be poured and installed in just a few days, making it a speedy option for commercial projects.