Decorative Concrete in the Minneapolis Area

Whether you’re building from the ground up or refreshing your home, you have a lot of choices for materials. Compared to the other options, concrete has many advantages, including being cost-effective and durable. 

You can also dress up your concrete surfaces in the form of decorative concrete. Decorative concrete finishings and surfaces can be a particularly appealing option when you’re installing a new patio, sidewalk or steps. Whether you want a decorative concrete patio, decorative concrete steps, or decorative concrete floors, we’re proud to offer decorative concrete services to homeowners and businesses in the Minneapolis area. Learn more about how decorative concrete works and when to use it.

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What Is Decorative Concrete?

Decorative concrete is concrete that is embellished or aesthetically enhanced. It can be stamped to add texture or stained or pigmented to create a rich color. Decorative concrete finishing options include:

  • Staining: Concrete can be stained in a few ways, using either an acid-based or water-based stain. Acid stains typically create a rich and lush color, while water-based stains have a glossy finish.
  • Stamping: When concrete is stamped, a pattern or texture is pressed into its surface. Stamped concrete can mimic the look of brick, wood or cobblestone. 
  • Polishing: Polished concrete is finished in a way that produces a shiny finish. This effect is excellent for indoor surfaces.
  • Coloring: Pigments can be mixed into concrete during the mixing phase to create concrete coloring. The pigment becomes part of the concrete itself, producing a rich color.
  • Epoxy coating: An epoxy coating is ideal for use in areas that see frequent traffic and experience wear and tear, such as garage or basement floors. The epoxy coating adds an attractive sheen to the concrete while making it resistant to stains and chemicals.

Uses for Decorative Concrete in Minneapolis 

Decorative concrete has many uses in the Minneapolis area. You can install it almost anywhere you’d choose regular concrete except footings or foundations. Some decorative concrete options include:

  • Garage concrete floors: Choose epoxy-coated concrete to protect garage floors from oil stains, grease and tire marks.
  • Interior concrete floors: Stamped, stained or polished decorative concrete floors can transform a utilitarian concrete floor into a beautiful focal point.
  • Sidewalks and steps: Stamped decorative concrete steps and walkways add visual interest and texture to a concrete walkway.
  • Concrete patios: Get the look of brick or patio pavers for less by choosing stamped concrete for your decorative concrete patio. We have several decorative concrete patio options.