Minneapolis Concrete Steps and Sidewalks

Before visitors enter your home or business, they see your steps and sidewalks. We can help make your property’s exterior as welcoming and attractive as possible by installing concrete walkways, sidewalks and steps. Learn more about the benefits of choosing concrete and your options for sidewalks and steps.

Why Choose Concrete for Steps and Sidewalks?

Concrete is typically the material of choice for sidewalks, steps and walkways for a few reasons:

  • It’s attractive: Poured concrete has a smooth, neutral appearance that complements a range of building materials. This quality makes it an ideal background for the rest of your property.
  • It’s durable: Plenty of people will walk up and down your entrance steps and across your sidewalks. Concrete can stand up to regular wear and tear from frequent use.
  • It’s weather-resistant: Properly poured and installed concrete can withstand pretty much any conditions Mother Nature sends its way. These factors include everything from heat to cold and rain to snow.
  • It’s low-maintenance: Compared to other walkway materials, such as pavers or tiles, concrete is low-maintenance. You can easily remove dirt and debris from it with a broom or rinse away any spills or other stains.
  • It’s affordable: Concrete is a cost-effective and affordable option for steps and sidewalks. It typically costs less than other materials, such as brick or paving stones. 

Examples of Concrete Steps and Sidewalks

You have multiple options when designing the sidewalk in front of your property or the entrance steps. Our team will work with you to create an entryway that makes you feel welcome. 

Your options include:

  • Decorative concrete walkways and sidewalks
  • Stamped concrete sidewalks
  • Entryway steps or a stoop
  • Steps leading down a hill from the front of your home to the street

We’ll work with you to match the new sidewalk or steps to your building’s existing design. If you have an older property, we can create an entryway that’s thoroughly modern and convenient while complementing your location’s classic style.