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Custom Garage Door Options


Your home should look and feel like your own, and a custom garage door is an opportunity to place your imprint on your home’s curb appeal. At IDC-Automatic, we offer custom decorative garage doors that give you the freedom to choose the look and feel you’ve always wanted. See below to learn more about your options for decorative glass custom garage doors.

Browse our design galleries to find custom garage door designs that appeal to your unique sense of style. Or let us work with you to design the perfect garage door for you. We offer custom designs for our 7 SERIES and 5 SERIES lines of garage door.

Custom Garage Door Design Galleries

Follow these links to our garage door design gallery.

  • 7 Series: Our 7 Series features custom wood garage doors that are handcrafted to meet your design specifications and to complement the existing architecture and style of your home. Enjoy the look of a wood exterior along with the performance of a steel interior. These garage doors include best-in-class R-value insulation and furniture-grade wood finishes. 
  • 5 Series: Our semi-custom option, the 5 Series gives you freedom to make key decisions about the way your garage door looks and feels, while leaning on preexisting designs that give you a head start. Not all homeowners have a vision for a garage door, but many have preferences. This is why the 5 Series so often makes the perfect fit for those looking for semi-custom decorative garage doors.
  • Decorative Options: What does it mean to enjoy decorative options in a garage door? It means the ability to choose what type of handles, straps and pulls you’d like, as well as what type of material, paint and stain. The decorative options can be a way of making sure your garage door fully complements your home and its existing style when creating custom decorative garage doors.

At IDC-Automatic, we’ve been serving the Twin Cities area since 1974. Our selection of custom decorative garage doors in Minneapolis helps you achieve the look and feel you’ve always wanted for your home. We offer a huge selection because we want you to enjoy options. We offer a team of knowledgeable and experienced service professionals and technicians because we want you to enjoy the operation of a high-functioning garage door for years to come. When looking for a custom decorative garage door in Minneapolis, you won’t find a better collection of options than what you’ll discover at IDC-Automatic.

CUSTOM GARAGE DOORS (7A16) (Vert. grain cedar w/ stain) 
7 Series
5 Series Photo 11 
5 Series
Colonial Bean Pull 
Decorative Options

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