At idcAutomatic, we think differently about garage doors — we know they’re more than just a utilitarian part of your home or commercial space. Our team specializes in all things related to garage doors and their electrical function. We have a team of expert garage door electricians in Minneapolis ready to ensure your garage doors operate smoothly and safely.

Why You Need a Professional Involved

Garage doors have complex wiring and electrical components that require expert handling and regulatory knowledge. An expert can prevent hazards like electrical fires and malfunctions from improper repairs or installation. Working with a professional garage door electrician offers several advantages: 

  • Professionals know how to handle electrical components safely.
  • They have the knowledge and experience to quickly diagnose and fix issues correctly the first time.
  • Electricians conduct proper installation that prevents future problems.
  • Professionals are familiar with local electrical codes and regulations.
  • Hiring a professional keeps your components’ warranties in place.

By choosing professional garage door electrician services, you can be sure your garage door is reliable, keeping your property safe while functioning at its best.  

Our Electric Garage Door Services

When our professional electricians install garage doors, that’s just the start of the services we can provide. We also specialize in repairing and maintaining the doors’ electrical systems. Common problems we provide solutions for include:

  • Fixing or replacing faulty wiring
  • Repairing or replacing motors that control your garage door function
  • Addressing sensor issues that may prevent doors from closing properly
  • Troubleshooting and fixing remote control malfunctions
  • Fixing power supply issues to ensure your garage door system properly connects to electricity


We provide comprehensive garage door electrical installation services. Our team installs electrical wiring and components correctly, meeting regulatory and safety standards. We work with various garage door systems to secure seamless integration with your existing electrical setup.


If your garage door is not running smoothly, trust our technicians to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. Whether it’s a wiring issue, faulty motor or malfunctioning sensor, we have the insight and tools to get your garage doors working again. When you choose idcAutomatic, you can expect better, professional services with minimal downtime and maximum security.


Regular maintenance keeps your garage doors functioning optimally. Our maintenance services include electrical component inspections that check for wear and tear. This allows us to proactively make the necessary repairs or adjustments, preventing future issues and extending your garage door system’s life span.

Contact idcAutomatic for Garage Door Installation or Repair

Whether you have faulty wiring, malfunctioning sensors or a broken motor, our team has the skills and expertise to fix them quickly and efficiently. 

For decades, idcAutomatic has ensured our clients receive only the best electric work in Minneapolis. Contact us today for your free quote on garage door installation, service and assistance from one of our experienced electricians. Alternatively, go ahead and schedule your service or repair directly.