Energy Efficiency (Look for High R-Values)

Your garage door protects the largest opening in your home and therefore, insulation is an important factor to consider when choosing a door. Choosing an insulated garage door means increased energy efficiency, soundproofing, and quieter operation. Well-insulated doors help regulate the extremes of temperatures in your garage, from sub-zero winter chill to the scorching heat of summer. At IDC-Automatic, we offer insulated garage doors to Twin Cities homeowners who use two different types of insulation: polyurethane and polystyrene. Both provide insulating value, but polyurethane is a much better and more efficient insulator than polystyrene. The amount of insulation a garage door provides is termed its R-value, which represents its resistance to heat flow. Higher R-values indicate greater insulation value.

High R-value doors are especially important in the following applications:


Due to their greater convenience, most homes today have attached garages. Unfortunately, an under-insulated garage can affect the insulation value of the entire structure. As the primary opening to your home, a well-insulated garage door will keep down the heating and cooling costs of your home. In addition to heating and cooling, door insulation dramatically reduces the noise of your garage door as it opens and closes. If you have an attached garage and you need insulated garage doors in St. Paul, MN or throughout the Twin Cities area, IDC-Automatic can deliver.


Bonus rooms, home offices, and bedrooms built over garages offer exceptional value to homeowners, but are difficult to insulate. In addition reducing to heating and cooling costs, high R-value garage doors help reduce noise, keeping your garage warm and quiet. If you need insulated garage doors in Blaine, MN, the Twin Cities, and throughout the five-state area, we at IDC-Automatic offer options that are perfect for two-story garages and other designs.


The garage is increasingly important to homeowners for a variety of uses including hobbies, storage and workspaces. Therefore, heating and cooling garages is becoming increasingly common. If you heat or cool your garage, insulation is critical to helping keep your heating or cooling costs down by reducing the heat flow through the door. An insulated garage door in Minneapolis and other Twin Cities-area communities is especially helpful for reducing heating costs.

As an important part of your garage's overall insulation system, high R-value garage doors from IDC help protect the contents of your garage, many of which can be expensive to replace and will offer greater life when not subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations. IDC-Automatic has your best options for insulated garage doors in Minneapolis and throughout the Twin Cities.