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Professional Garage Door Repair & Services in Minneapolis: Residential and Commerical Repair

A garage door is a major street-facing component of your home and an important means of access control in commercial facilities. When repairs are necessary, choosing an experienced contractor can ensure the job gets done on time, on budget and to the highest standards possible. In Minneapolis and beyond, IDC-Automatic is an established leader in garage door repairs.

We have more than 40 years of experience serving homes and businesses in the Twin Cities region and, as a family-owned, local business, our commitment to our customers is unmatched. Keep reading to learn more about the complete selection of garage door services we offer Minneapolis homes and businesses. Better yet, contact our head office today to book an appointment or request emergency service.

We offer complete service & repair for any type of garage door:

In residential neighborhoods, garage doors are the most prominent feature on the façade of each home. As such, garage doors are the largest entryway into a home, and therefore the most critical feature to a home's insulation and security. Simply put, you cannot keep a home warm or safe from intrusion without a garage door that functions without fail around the clock.

Throughout the Twin Cities area, busy residents and building owners need garage door service at all hours. In some cases, a garage door will fail to open or shut properly. In others, a door will sag when open and appear dangerous and unreliable. In more unfortunate circumstances, a door will get badly damaged by a vehicle. For situations like these, garage door service in Minneapolis-area communities must be available both night and day.

Garage Door Repair Service: Commerical and Residential

When residents and building owners need garage door repairs in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors is the most trusted name in the business. Since its inception in the mid-1970s, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors has offered professional garage door service on homes and buildings of all sizes.

IDC-Automatic Garage Doors began as an independent garage-based operation in 1974 and quickly gained the loyalty of homeowners across the Twin Cities. The business expanded in 1981 with the implementation of a spring manufacturing division. Since that time, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors has operated around the clock and expanded its service throughout Coon Rapids, Bloomington, Plymouth, Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park. After more than 35 years, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors is the unparalleled leader in Minneapolis garage door service, repairs and installations.

Garage Door Repairs — Same-Day Service in Greater Minneapolis

A garage door could need repairs in any given number of ways. If a door fails to open or close properly, there could be issues with the springs, cables, tracks, rollers or even the mechanisms that control the door. For instance, certain metal parts can get corroded over time and make it more difficult for the door to raise and lower. Alternatively, certain parts of a door might become worn and need to be replaced. Either way, any problem that does arise with a garage door should be rectified before it becomes worse.

A garage door could also get damaged or broken in spots due to external forces. If a door is accidentally hit by a car, the damage could vary, depending on the force of impact. In all likelihood, a residential garage door will be knocked ajar if a homeowner pulls into a driveway and halts the vehicle a second too late. If a metal overhead door is hit by a vehicle, a dent is liable to form, despite the stronger properties of most commercial garage doors.

When a garage door is broken, repair should be the priority. Even if a garage door is left broken for a matter of days, damage, theft and a costly loss of insulation can ensue. Therefore, the moment you discover something broken or ajar about your garage door, report the problem immediately. For Twin Cities garage door service, the specialists here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors are available around the clock, seven days a week to do repair work throughout the area.

Garage Door Maintenance

Even if a garage door functions properly, it could still use maintenance from time to time. In fact, many garage doors never end up broken or damaged, but maintenance is still often crucial to keep a door in operation for the span of its life expectancy.

The maintenance needs of a garage door could range from the replacement of parts to the touch-up of cosmetic details. For example, the window panes in a garage might get worn and need to be changed out long before the rest of the door starts to give way. Along the front of the door, paint might peel or chip and require a new coat. In some cases, a new paint job is also an opportunity to change the color of the door.

As with garage door repairs, maintenance work should be handled by expert professionals. That way, you can be assured of getting the best work for your money. For garage door maintenance in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding areas, residents and commercial property owners call IDC-Automatic Garage Doors for professional servicing. Whether your door needs mechanical or cosmetic maintenance, we can be at your address to get the job done the same day you contact us.

Garage Door Installation Work

Every once in awhile, a homeowner will need to have a new garage door installed due to the expiration of the preexisting one that came with the property in question. The door could have given out for reasons including neglect, damage or old age.

If a garage door does not receive proper maintenance, it likely will give way entirely and need to be replaced within the space of two decades. If the door is severely damaged in an accident, such as direct impact from a vehicle, there’s a strong likelihood that the door will need to be replaced. Then again, the door could have simply reached its natural end after several decades. In any case, new garage door installations are often a necessity on homes throughout the country.

Sometimes, a homeowner will want to have a new garage door installed in place of one that functions just fine. The motivations for this could be down to aesthetics, where the homeowner wants a different look for the façade of the home. In other cases, the homeowner might want a garage door with better functions or features. Whatever your reasons might be for a new garage door, it's best to leave the installation work to licensed professionals with experience handling large doors.

A garage door is a heavy piece of equipment that requires precise installation to function properly. For garage door installations in the Twin Cities, residents and commercial-property owners have turned to the professional installers here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors.

Spring Repair on Garage Doors

One of the most vulnerable parts of a garage door is the springs, which determine the movement of the door as it opens and closes. While the springs can only be seen from the inside, and they're generally overlooked, the condition of the spring is vital to the functionality of the garage door. Consequently, when a spring goes bad, it must be replaced for the garage door to remain operable.

Several red flags can indicate the expiration of a garage door spring. If a spring becomes rusty, chances are it won't have the proper tension to raise and lower the door with the same steadiness and reliability as before. If the coils lose their consistency, the spring might soon break at some point along the length. However, the most obvious indicator that a spring must be replaced is when it splits in half, because a door won't function automatically with a broken spring.

When a spring must be replaced, the job should be handled by a professional. For homes and commercial buildings in and around the Twin Cities, the garage door service specialists here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors are available 24/7 to repair and replace broken garage door springs.

Residential Garage Door Problems in Minneapolis

A malfunctioning garage door can cause multiple problems for homeowners. For instance, if the door fails to lower to the ground, the garage and its contents could be exposed to harsh weather and invasions from stray animals. Even worse, the belongings in your garage could be stolen, especially if the door gets stuck midway or higher off the ground. Heating and cooling bills can also skyrocket when a door fails to shut, because the insulation of the house is drastically compromised.

Another dangerous sign is when a garage door fails to raise or remain suspended at specific heights. If you have to open the door manually and prop it up just to get your car in and out, or if the door sags several inches when fully open, there's a likelihood the door might crash down on your vehicle as you pull inside the garage. Whether this happens on the hood, windshield or roof, the impact would be disastrous.

For obvious reasons, problems such as these must be fixed as soon as they're discovered. For homes in and around the Twin Cities, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors is the No. 1 choice for 24/7 garage door repair services.

Residential Garage Doors for Builders

If you use your garage for purposes other than parking your vehicle, the consequences of a broken door could be even more disastrous. For example, if you use your garage as a workshop, the tools and items could end up stolen or harmed by incoming currents of bad weather. If your garage is filled with expensive tools, appliances or equipment, such items would be easy prey for the hands of thieves.

The garage might also be where you store belongings such as photo albums and souvenirs. If the door fails to secure your garage properly, vulnerable items such as these could be stolen or damaged by incoming rainwater. Even a small gap at the bottom edge of the door could serve as an invite for neighborhood cats, dogs, raccoons or mice that might devour or even defecate on priceless belongings.

In Minneapolis, garage door service specialists are often called upon to repair garage doors on residential homes. Whether a door is slightly ajar or fails to open or shut properly, problems with a garage door should be fixed as soon as possible, before anything inside your garage gets damaged or ruined. The specialists here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors provide garage door repair in Minneapolis, St. Paul and surrounding communities.

Commercial Garage Door Repair

At factories, workshops and warehouses, overhead doors are among the most important security features. As the single largest entryway into a commercial building, the overhead door safeguards everything contained within during off hours. As such, an overhead door must function without fail. When an overhead door does fail, buildings and contents are rendered vulnerable to theft and damage.

At an auto repair shop, a broken overhead door could leave any vehicle that's parked inside susceptible to theft. Likewise, a malfunctioning overhead door at a warehouse could leave products vulnerable to damage and looting. Even if there's nothing contained within that would attract thieves, an overhead door that fails to shut for the evening could leave a commercial space vulnerable to trespassers, vandals, stray animals and harsh weather.

If you operate a commercial property, the overhead door should be routinely inspected for signs of wear or performance issues. The moment a problem arises, contact garage door service specialists immediately. When an overhead door is left ajar for even a day, it can leave a bad impression on customers. Simply put, a business is rendered less credible in the eyes of the public when a feature as crucial as an overhead door is left in disarray.

At IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we provide garage door repair in St. Paul, Minneapolis and other communities around the Twin Cities. For more than 35 years, our specialists have repaired and replaced garage doors on commercial and residential properties, and our team is on hand 24/7 for whenever an issue might arise.

IDC-Automatic Garage Doors — Complete Garage Door Dealer and Servicer of Greater Minneapolis

For garage door maintenance in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, homeowners can rely on IDC-Automatic Garage Doors for same-day or same-night service at any hour.

IDC-Automatic Garage Doors provides garage door service in Minneapolis for all conceivable issues that can arise with a garage door. Whether the issue is down to a broken spring or worn-out tracks, our service professionals can have the problem fixed within hours of your call to our offices. As longtime Twin Cities residents know, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors is the go-to source for garage door repair in Minneapolis.

For all types of garage door repair in St. Paul and the Twin Cities metropolitan area, contact the service experts here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors anytime. In addition to Minneapolis and St. Paul garage door service work, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors also offers repair, maintenance and installation work for homes and commercial properties in Coon Rapids, Bloomington, Plymouth, Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park.

If you own a home or building anywhere around the Twin Cities, count on the specialists here at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors for quality work and a rapid response. The moment any problem arises with your garage door, contact us immediately.