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How to Install Garage Door Weather Seal Stripping

If you want to keep out debris, pests and the elements, garage door seals are essential. Garage door weather seals keep moisture and cold air from entering through gaps around the garage door — especially between the ground and the bottom of the door — to provide optimal insulation.

How to Install Garage Door Seal & Weather Stripping

If you’re wondering how to make your garage warmer or weatherproof your garage door, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the process of weatherproofing, or sealing a garage door, involves just a few simple steps. Weather-sealing a garage door requires adding or replacing the bottom door seal and the weather stripping on the stop molding along the top and sides of the door. If you want to make your garage doors as airtight as possible, you can also add thin weather stripping between the door panels.

To seal your garage door, try:

  • Replacing the bottom seal: You can make your garage warmer by replacing the simple strip-style seal on a wood garage door or the aluminum channel on the underside of a metal one. The aluminum channel usually holds a U-shaped rubber gasket that slides into two small tracks for installation. U-shaped gaskets can also be installed on wooden doors, making secure sealing solutions.
  • Installing a threshold seal: Threshold seals are attached to the floor — not the door — and can be used with a door seal or alone. Thresholds are an excellent option for making your garage warmer because they fill the large gaps below the door. They can also keep out surface water. They come with adhesive and are incredibly durable.
  • Restoring garage door side weather stripping: If your garage has old weather stripping along its sides and top, you can replace the garage door side weather stripping to effectively weatherproof and seal the door. If your door doesn’t have it, you can install new material with galvanized nails or screws. If you’re unsure how to cut weather stripping to length or install it on your door, enlist the help of a professional.
  • Instituting garage door panel weather stripping: To seal the gaps between door panels, use V-shaped garage door panel weather stripping. Wooden doors with flat-edged panels can benefit from this form of panel weather stripping. Simply stick the door panel weather stripping to the top or bottom edge of each panel. It will come with adhesive, so you won’t have to purchase anything separately.
  • Installing door stop molding: If your garage door stop is damaged, replace it with door stop molding with weather stripping. You can cut this type of stop molding with a saw and easily install it with stainless steel sliding nails.

Weatherproof Your Garage Door Today

When you want to make your garage warmer or seal the top, bottom or sides of your door, you’ll find a variety of simple solutions. Sealing and weatherproofing your garage door will keep out unwanted critters, dirt, water and other elements. At idc-Automatic, we offer 24-hour service, quick delivery, easy financing options and extended warranties to make garage door repair and installation that much smoother. Since 1974, we’ve been manufacturing custom garage doors and selling Clopay garage doors, and we can bring you service solutions unparalleled in the industry.

Contact idc-Automatic today for a free quote or answers to any questions you have related to weatherproofing your residential or commercial garage door.



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