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How a Dock Leveler Works

Loading and unloading is a crucial function of many warehouses and other commercial industries, and it’s essential to have the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. With a dock leveler, you can make the process of loading items into a truck bed or other vehicle easier and faster while ensuring operational safety.

How Does a Dock Leveler Work?

A dock leveler works by bridging the gap between a loading dock and a vehicle. This equipment can handle extremely heavy load capacities and is more durable for heavy use.

mechanical dock leveler

The main types of levelers have essentially the same function but operate slightly differently to meet different industry needs. Explore the options available and determine which type is most useful for your operations:

  • Vertical storing dock leveler: This type of equipment closes up vertically when not in use, creating a complete seal that can keep the pit sanitary and keep out unwanted pests or debris.
  • Hydraulic dock leveler: Easy to use, this dock leveler operates with a push button to lift and extend the lip over the gap between the pit and the loading vehicle.
  • Edge-of-dock leveler: A mechanical or hydraulic leveler, this equipment mounts to the dock face instead of attaching inside the pit, saving space.
  • Mechanical dock leveler: This spring-powered device requires manual dock leveler operation, and the operator must use their own body weight to move it down into a loading position.
  • Air-powered dock leveler: This leveler is semi-automatic, using an airbag lifter and a mechanical lip to operate.

Dock Leveler Installation

If you need a dock leveler to help you complete operations at your facility, we recommend that you work with professionals to install it, as this equipment can be dangerous. At idc-Automatic, we provide prompt, efficient installation services for your safety and convenience. Our experienced staff can help you get the equipment in place and ready for use so that you can operate easily and safely.

To get started, we’ll help you choose the appropriate type of dock leveler for your industry. We’ll take the time to clearly understand your needs, and then we’ll discuss your best options based on the capabilities you require. Once you’ve made your decision, we’ll provide quick delivery anywhere in the Twin Cities area and handle installation services to get your equipment ready for use.

The process of dock leveler installation requires a few main steps. First, we’ll ensure the pit is clean and level and that all electricity in the area is turned off before installation. Then, we’ll guide the new unit into the pit, ensuring even spacing on either side.

As we fasten the equipment to the pit, we’ll ensure it remains level and maintains the proper angle positioning to operate effectively. We’ll finish by welding across the back and front angles and then running any necessary electrical wiring to the site.

Once our experts have completed the job, your equipment will be ready to go. If needed, we can guide you through processes such as mechanical dock leveler operation that may require step-by-step instruction.

Choose idc-Automatic for Durable Dock Levelers

At idc-Automatic, we offer benefits including a robust product line, same-day service and extended warranties to help ensure you can rely on us for all your equipment requirements. We’ve provided outstanding service to our customers for the past 41 years, and we’re committed to continuing that tradition as we meet your needs today.

Let us provide the durable, reliable dock leveler equipment and services you need to increase your operational productivity and safety. For more information about how we can help, get in touch with us online or call us at 763-786-4730.



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