Loading Dock Leveler Installation Near Minneapolis

Within the warehousing industry, safe and efficient loading and unloading is a top priority. Whether you own a commercial business or operate a product storage space in the Twin Cities area, moving loads between your dock and truck should be a logistical process you know you have right.

A dock leveler forms a bridge for forklifts, pallet jacks, carts and other handling equipment. Using high-strength construction and restraint systems, dock levelers extend from the pit to the trailer. They’re a vital loading dock safety measure that reduces bumps and the risk of a drop-off accident. With minimal time and effort to set up, dock levelers will streamline the way your facility manages shipments.

A Vast Lineup of Quality Dock Levelers for Sale

At idc-Automatic, we carry the strongest dock levelers for the highest demands of your operation. From hydraulic dock levelers to air-powered dock levelers and more, we partner with McGuire to offer a flexible range of configurations, all with exceptional durability and low maintenance requirements. 

Each McGuire leveler consists of a structural steel frame and features a full-width rear hinge with a lifetime warranty. These units are capable of withstanding the hundreds or thousands of times a year your equipment and personnel pass over them.

Obtaining the right-sized dock leveler for your company warehouse will be stress-free with our representatives guiding you. We can help select and install one of the following available styles from McGuire:

Hydraulic dock levelers

hyrdraulic dock leveler

With easy push-button activation, McGuire’s hydraulic dock levelers raise and extend smoothly. The HP Series levelers are suitable for light- to medium-duty cycles, while the Autodok® H Series models utilize a toughened support deck for a Comparative Industry Rating of up to 100,000 pounds.

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Air-powered dock levelers

air-powered dock leveler

The steel-belted rubber bellows of the CentraAir® line and the airbag and mounted blower of the MA air-powered dock leveler series provide an economical choice that won’t sacrifice strength.

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Mechanical dock levelers

mechanical dock leveler

The McGuire MP mechanical dock leveler uses a simple pull chain activation with a cam and roller counterbalance to deploy to the trailer bed in moments. With a hold-down assembly, the mechanical dock leveler is capable of full float and automatic release with air ride trailers.

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Edge-of-dock levelers

edge-of-dock levelers

Budget-friendly and space-saving, edge-of-dock levelers are hydraulic or mechanical units for bays with minimal space between the truck and facility floor. They don’t need to mount within the pit. Edge-of-dock levelers provide an effective loading and unloading solution for loading docks.

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Vertical storing dock levelers

vertical storing dock leveler

McGuire’s hydraulic-powered VSH series stores itself upright, and it’s designed to provide a climate and sanitation barrier for interior spaces. For added safety, the vertical storing dock leveler comes with a mechanical prop that automatically disengages when the down push-button is activated.

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