Full View Aluminum Garage Doors


When picturing commercial garage doors, most people will imagine rugged, banged-up, utilitarian models that find use in warehouses and other facilities. Nevertheless, commercial garage doors can be attractive and compelling, too, especially when you choose aluminum garage doors. These full-view doors with glass can be the perfect solutions for showrooms and other structures that want to put products on display.


When you need aluminum garage doors in Minneapolis, you won’t find a better provider than IDC-Automatic Garage Doors. We offer high-quality aluminum garage doors in Blaine, MN, as well as other Twin Cities-area communities, and we deliver high-quality customer service to match. We can help you choose and install the product that will best meet your business’s garage door needs.


Tough, Durable Aluminum Garage Doors

At IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we offer aluminum garage doors that are more than two inches thick and that deliver maximum durability, emerging from extruded alloy construction with integral reinforcing fins. Enjoy protection from the elements that comes from capped-rail construction, and rest assured that security is not an issue thanks to a locking panel retainer.

Choose the perfect design and window configuration for your needs and the products you store behind your aluminum garage doors in Minneapolis. At IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we strive to connect Twin Cities-area business with the perfect garage doors to meet their needs. We offer aluminum garage doors that are customizable in an effort to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want and need in an aluminum garage door in Minneapolis.

Customize Your Perfect Garage Door

We offer more than just generic, off-the-shelf solutions at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors. When choosing an aluminum garage door, you’ll enjoy a choice of standard finish, including high-luster clear anodized or pre-painted white or brown to complement most building designs. You’ll also enjoy your choice of materials, including the options of insulated glass, DSB, plexiglass, wire glass, tempered glass, polycarbonate and aluminum panel.

Your business is unique, and it deserves a unique solution. When you come to IDC-Automatic Garage Doors for aluminum garage doors in Minneapolis, we’ll help you craft the perfectly unique garage door solution for your business and its needs.

Get the Best Garage Doors in Minneapolis

For more than 40 years, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors has been providing high-quality garage door solutions to home and business owners throughout the Twin Cities area. When you choose IDC-Automatic Garage Doors for aluminum garage doors in Minneapolis, you’ll enjoy access to the best products on the market. This goes for both residential and commercial garage doors.

Whether you’re looking for an aluminum garage door in Blaine, MN or another garage door option, you’ll find a number of choices in our vast selection. Throughout your customer experience at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, you’ll work with friendly, experienced, knowledgeable technicians and representatives who can answer questions and provide expert guidance as you consider your garage door options.

Once work begins, we move quickly and efficiently to get the job done and to get it done right. We know garage door needs at your home and business are often urgent, which is why we place an emphasis on responsive service and getting your home or business back up and running as soon as possible. When you need aluminum garage doors in Minneapolis and surrounding communities, trust the source that’s been serving this area since 1974 — trust IDC-Automatic Garage Doors.

Contact us today about aluminum garage door in Blaine, MN, and nearby communities.

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