The safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods is a top priority for warehousing and other industrial applications. Whether your loading dock is a low-traffic area or a bustling hub of activity, there is the risk of trucks hitting your building as they pull up to offload their goods.

Because the impact force of a trailer can be hundreds of thousands of pounds, an accident can cause significant damage to the vehicle and your building. It can also delay your operations and pose a safety hazard to your employees.

The best way to prevent this kind of damage is with loading dock bumpers and seals. These pieces of loading dock equipment form a protective barrier that minimizes the trailer’s impact force to minimize damage.

At idc-Automatic, we sell and install high-quality loading dock bumpers and seals in the Minneapolis, MN area that keep your loading and unloading operations running safely and smoothly.

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What Are Loading Dock Bumpers?

A loading dock bumper is attached to the perimeter of your loading dock door. It absorbs the impact force of a truck or other loading vehicle when it hits your building. Thanks to their shock absorption capabilities, loading dock bumpers protect the structural integrity of your building and prevent costly repairs. They also make your loading area safer for truck drivers, employees and pedestrians.

loading dock bumpers and seals

There are three types of loading dock bumpers:

Molded Bumpers

Molded loading dock bumpers are made of reinforced rubber. They come in numerous shapes and sizes, and they are ideal for low-traffic applications. Molded loading dock bumpers can also withstand harsh weather conditions and resist warping and rusting.

Laminated Bumpers

Laminated loading dock bumpers have reinforced rubber slats held together by steel rods and plates. They are thicker than molded bumpers and provide greater shock absorption. Their enhanced strength and durability make them suitable for medium- and high-traffic applications.

Steel Bumpers

Steel loading dock bumpers are made with a steel faceplate that covers laminated rubber. The metal layer allows these bumpers to absorb more impact than other types, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic loading docks. The durable steel faceplate also prevents damage to the laminated rubber, making this design an exceptionally long-lasting bumper solution.

What Are Loading Dock Seals?

Loading dock seals are foam pads that trailers compress as they back into and rest against your loading dock bumpers. This compression closes the gap between the back of the truck and your loading dock, forming an airtight seal. The compression also helps reduce the truck’s impact force, protecting your building, trailer and merchandise.

By sealing the openings around the trailer, you gain greater control of your loading dock’s environment. Loading dock seals keep external elements like rain, wind, dirt, bugs and other unwanted elements from getting into your facility. They also help you control airflow and prevent your heated and cooled air from escaping, saving you money on your energy bills. Better temperature control also creates a more comfortable and safer environment for your employees.

Loading dock seals protect the integrity of your stored goods. If your facility houses sensitive items, loading dock seals help ensure those items are protected from contaminants and temperature fluctuations. The seals also prevent water and weather-related damage to your products.

forklift removing boxes from dock truck

Difference Between Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

Loading dock seals and shelters are designed to help close the gaps between your trailer and the loading dock. While dock seals are made from foam pads, dock shelters typically have industrial fabric curtains fitted with fiberglass stays.

Dock shelters can fit in large door openings and accommodate a wide range of trailer heights and styles. However, they do not provide as much impact protection as loading dock seals, as they are not made to be compressed by trailers. They also do not create as tight of a seal as you get using a true dock seal.

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