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When to Repair vs. Replace Concrete

Due to its longevity, concrete has wide usage in walkways, driveways and other surfaces. However, the material can still break down over time. Cracks and holes start to appear, and you may wonder how to fix the concrete surface. These imperfections may occur for many reasons, such as soil quality, changing temperatures or moisture. As you notice concrete damage, consider whether repair or replacement works better for your situation. 

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair may involve different processes depending on the damage. Sinking concrete may require a polyurethane polymer to fill voids and stabilize the surface with minimal impact on the appearance. Contractors may also apply patches to repair cracks or holes. 

Here are a few reasons for concrete surface repair:

  • Minor damage: Small cracks from freeze-thaw cycles are often a good reason to opt for concrete repair.
  • Cost control: Repairs often cost less than replacements because they use less materials and labor. 
  • Faster turnaround time: For those needing a quick fix, repairs are often the better option because they take less than 24 hours. 

Concrete Replacement

Concrete removal and replacement involves taking out slabs and switching them with new concrete. Contractors must tear up the old concrete, prepare the ground, pour a new surface and cure it. 

Here are a few reasons for replacing concrete:

  • Old slabs: Concrete can last many decades, but as it gets older, it can look worn, and repairs won’t fully restore it. In these cases, replacement is often the better option. 
  • Significant damage: When you face large cracks, potholes or very sunken concrete, it makes more sense to replace than repair. 
  • Sunken steps: Removing sunken steps, fixing the grade below and replacing the steps lengthens the life of heavy steps.
  • Base quality: A poorly installed base can leave you with concrete that repairs won’t fix.
  • Flooring foundation: Replacement often works better for concrete surfaces with hardwood or tiles on top because these surfaces must be level.  
  • Longevity: While patches and other repairs can temporarily fix an issue, a complete concrete replacement will benefit your home or commercial property for much longer. 

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