Your garage door represents an opportunity. Choose the right style, design, color and accessories, and you craft a look that transforms your home’s attractiveness and enhances its curb appeal.

You can find garage door providers that offer limited generic styles that fail to add a wow factor to your home. However, at IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we want to help you fall in love with your home all over again, and decorative glass custom garage doors is just one of the many ways we accomplish this goal.

Add beauty and privacy to your new door with designer glass. Decorative glass garage doors add a unique and stylistic flair to your home’s exterior, setting you apart from your neighbors and adding refinement to the appearance of your home.

Increase Your Home’s Value While Enhancing Its Appearance

At IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we offer a series of decorative glass options so you can choose the style that matches your personal taste and complements your home’s existing architecture. We understand your home and its appearance are extremely personal, which is why we provide you with every possible avenue to customize your decorative glass custom garage door.

One thing many homeowners don’t realize is a new garage door is a home improvement project that delivers a return on investment. When you have the opportunity to increase your home’s value and resale possibilities, it’s important to make a careful choice in finding the right garage door.

Decorative glass can transform an ordinary garage door into something extraordinary, making the difference between blending in with other homes on your street and standing out as an attractive, stylish home that grabs second looks. We offer a selection of decorative glass that can help you enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value.

Your Place for Decorative Glass Garage Doors in Minnesota

We’ve been serving home and business owners in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota since 1974. We want to help all of our customers expand the possibilities and think differently about garage doors, so we carry an inventory of decorative glass custom garage doors and other products from top industry manufacturers. Our team of customer representatives and technicians delivers outstanding service as well. When you’re looking for the best in decorative glass garage doors in MN, turn to IDC-Automatic Garage Doors.

Take a look at the images of our decorative glass options in the gallery below. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Our customer service team is always ready to help. You can stop by our showroom to see decorative glass options for yourself, or contact us about how we can best meet your decorative glass custom garage door needs.

Add beauty and privacy to your new door with designer glass.


Acid Etched

Seedy Glass

Original Obscured


Single Glue Chip