There’s an unmistakable beauty to custom wood-finish garage doors. These garage doors are made to complement your home’s existing architecture and to enhance its curb appeal.

At IDC-Automatic, we help our customers make the most of their investment in wood garage doors by offering paint and wood finishes that maximize the door’s potential. Since 1974, we’ve been serving home and business owners in the Twin Cities area and throughout Minnesota. We offer experience, knowledge, quality products, and exceptional customer service. When you need custom wood-finish garage doors in MN, you need IDC-Automatic Garage Doors.

Paint Finishes for Custom Garage Doors

If you’re choosing paint for your custom wood garage door, you need something more than generic, off-the-shelf paint color. That’s why we make sure to match the exact hue you’re looking for. It’s easy, too. Just give us your paint brand & color number, and we will paint your door right in our factory for a great, long-lasting finish.

You’ll find that the right paint color can transform the look of your home in all the best ways, capturing attention and providing a comprehensive and attractive appearance. You should love the way your home looks, every time you pull into the driveway. This is why we make sure you get the right paint finish for the custom garage doors you’ve always wanted.

Wood Finishes for Custom Garage Doors

When you want the classic look of a traditional wood garage door, we can offer the custom wood finish your garage door deserves. While other garage door installers may offer a handful of finish options (or less), we offer a vast selection of custom wood finishes for garage doors that lets you choose the perfect finish for your taste and your home.

IDC-Automatic Garage Doors offers rich and vibrant colors with our custom garage door factory finishes. These wood finishes are available for the 7 Series Custom Garage Door. The right custom wood finish should enhance your home’s appearance and increase its curb appeal. It should also complement your existing architecture and colors, and it should certainly make you proud when you see it from the street.

Making an investment in custom wood-finish garage doors is too important to choose just any finish color. At IDC-Automatic Garage Doors, we’re committed to giving our customers exactly what they’re looking for, helping them to achieve the look and feel they’ve always wanted in a garage door. That’s why you’ll find so many options in our selection of custom wood finishes, from light fruitwood to dark ebony. Browse our selection below, and choose the perfect custom wood-finish for your garage door.

IDC-Automatic Garage Doors offers rich and vibrant colors with its custom garage door factory finishes. These wood finishes are available for the 7 Series Custom Garage Door.

Natural Wood


Puritan Pine

Golden Oak

Ipswich Pine

Golden Pecan


Early American

Special Walnut


Dark Walnut 





English Chestnut 

Colonial Maple

Sedona Red

Antique Red

Crimson Fire

Red Mahogany 

Red Oak

Traditional Mahogany

Rich Mahogany


Charcoal Gray