Choosing the right garage doors is a significant decision for any homeowner. Garage doors contribute a great deal to your home’s curb appeal, so attractiveness is a top priority. They’re also the largest moving appliance of most homes, opened and closed thousands of times per year, making durability and long-lasting functionality vital, too. Finding a balance between form and function while maintaining affordability is likely your goal as a homeowner.

If you’re looking to replace your current garage door, consider the Overlay Collection 5 Series. This series comes in a wide range of colors and styles, each made with quality construction and attractive craftsmanship. Each door comes with several customizable features and elements so you can make it your own. Learn all about the 5 Series and the complete Overlay Collection below.

What Is the 5 Series?

The Overlay Collection 5 Series garage doors are both durable and elegant. With their multi-layer steel composition and wood overlay, these doors are strong, long-lasting and beautiful. They have all the benefits of strong steel construction along with the unmistakable charm of natural wood. They’re highly customizable to fit anyone’s visual taste and blend well with a home’s existing elements. A 5 Series door can elevate the look of any home, adding style and sophistication.

5 Series Features

When shopping for a new garage door, it’s a good idea to consider all of the door’s potential benefits. Each of the nine door designs in the 5 Series collection has several notable construction and appearance features. Here are some of the most significant 5 Series collection advantages.

1. Superior Construction

Each door in this collection contains a 3-layer steel subpanel injected with polyurethane. A multi-layer garage door offers improved strength and durability while promoting garage temperature control and energy efficiency. The addition of polyurethane makes the doors even stronger. Polyurethane is composed of tightly bonded microscopic resin chains, difficult for any moisture or contaminants to breakthrough. It also contributes to the door’s insulation ability by filling any empty pockets of space.

If you’re looking for a door that will stand the test of both time and weathering, the 5 Series could be right for you. By design, these doors should last through years of wear and tear. Their durable construction results in minimal maintenance needs, saving you money long-term. When you’re shopping for a garage door, your priorities should always include superior construction.

2. Professional Craftsmanship

There’s no need to sacrifice top-level craftsmanship for affordability. With a 5 Series door, you can be confident about the construction quality. These doors are affordable, and they’re made at the careful hands of industry experts using the most effective technology.

You’ll find expert craftsmanship in every detail of your 5 Series garage door. Each overlaid wood board is adhered and pocket-screwed to minimize separation. Pocket-screws, drilled in at a precise angle, hold a lot more weight and last much longer than traditional screws. Creating an effective pocket-hole system requires professional levels of precision — you can be sure any door in this series will provide long-term durability.

3. Precise Design and Implementation

Each door’s design and implementation fit a specific standard for the best results every time. The doors are built from professional computer-aided design (CAD) drawings to ensure precise construction. As a result, the doors will have minimal structural or visual variations between them. You can be sure the door you purchase is exactly what you’re expecting. Specialists design and craft every door with complete accuracy and precision.

4. Maximum Insulation

Improving your garage’s insulation can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, lowering your monthly bills. It can also make your garage a more usable, livable space during the year’s hottest and coldest months. Better garage door insulation can contribute to quieter operation and durability, as well. If you’re interested in boosting your garage’s energy efficiency with upgraded insulation, a 5 Series door is an excellent choice for you.

Each 5 Series door has an R-value of at least 12.9. R-value is the industry standard measure for thermal efficiency, and you can find an R-value for almost any insulating product. The numerical rating shows the resistance to heat flow — the higher the number, the better. A 12.9 is among the higher R-value scores a residential garage door might achieve. The 5 Series doors earn this score thanks to their polyurethane and multi-layer composition.

5. Color Personalization

With a 5 Series door, you can personalize the finished look to fit your home and your aesthetic goals. Choose from a wide range of paint options to match any style. If you prefer, you can also provide a color sample for replication. Since your garage door makes up such a large portion of your home’s facade, it’s essential that it blends well. Choosing the right color is a major part of achieving an attractive and cohesive look.

About the Overlay Collection

Any Overlay Collection custom-made wood garage door is an excellent choice. A team of professional carpenters and craftspeople design and create each door based on your personalized specifications. As a result, every Overlay Collection door is stunning and reliable. Choose between three different customizable series, including the 5 Series, the 7 Series and the X Series. Each has different features to consider, but all Overlay Collection doors meet the highest standards and offer benefits for your home.


Each Overlay Collection door is customizable to match your personal taste and needs. Depending on the series you prefer, you may be able to personalize your door’s design, wood species, windows, stain and hardware. This level of customization makes for exponential possibilities. The result is a perfect complement to your home’s look and style.


Expert craftspeople and carpenters are responsible for every step of Overlay Collection door creation, crafting each furniture-grade rated door in the USA. They select the lumber, assemble the doors and double-check every detail for visual appeal and seamless operation.

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