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How To Choose a Garage Door Company

Is it time to upgrade the garage doors on your commercial or industrial facility? Do you need to repair or maintain an existing door? You'll find no shortage of companies willing to compete for your business, so how can you be sure which one to choose?  What to Look for in a Commercial Garage Door Company A careful evaluation of the following factors can help you determine the best garage door product and service provider for your company's needs.  Reputation A reputable garage door company has a long and successful track record of providing excellent service throughout the local community. Start…

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How a Dock Leveler Works

Loading and unloading is a crucial function of many warehouses and other commercial industries, and it's essential to have the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. With a dock leveler, you can make the process of loading items into a truck bed or other vehicle easier and faster while ensuring operational safety. How Does a Dock Leveler Work? A dock leveler works by bridging the gap between a loading dock and a vehicle. This equipment can handle extremely heavy load capacities and is more durable for heavy use. The main types of levelers have essentially the same…

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How to Line up Garage Door Safety Sensors

You likely use your garage door every day, and you depend on it to function reliably and safely whenever you go out or come home. A door that isn't opening or closing properly can be an inconvenience to your daily routine, and it can also be a potential danger to you and your family if something goes wrong. That's why it's important to proactively address any functional issues with your garage door as soon as possible. If your garage door isn't working properly, aligning your garage door sensors may be the solution. Even a slight impact can knock the sensors…

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Loading Dock Safety Tips

Loading docks present significant challenges for safety-conscious managers. However, with planning and preparation, workers can use the loading dock area safely. The keys to making this area as safe as possible include understanding the present loading dock hazards and creating a plan to mitigate them. These safety tips will make this process easier for you. Loading Dock Dangers Dangers abound around loading docks for the unwary. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) identifies two main hazards on the docks themselves — slipping on wet or icy surfaces or falling off the side of the dock. However, these dangers are…

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Garage Door Safety Guide

A reliable garage door moves up and down with ease and offers convenient entry into your home with the touch of a button. When the system is working as intended, it can be easy to forget that garage doors are one of the heaviest moving objects in your home. A garage door's weight and individual components can be dangerous if the system malfunctions. In worst-case scenarios, a broken door may fall and injure a person below. As a homeowner, part of keeping your garage safe is understanding how to identify and address garage door safety hazards. With some basic knowledge,…

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