Commercial Service in Minneapolis 

Many Twin Cities, MN, area businesses depend on a high-functioning, dependable commercial garage door to facilitate daily productivity and efficiency. While commercial garage doors are often an underrated business fixture that many have come to expect to perform effectively and reliably on a daily basis, you may be surprised at how a damaged or low-quality commercial door affects your business operations.

When your commercial garage door system breaks down or needs replacing, it can lead to significant setbacks, stopping productivity and profits. These issues can also pose significant health and safety risks for employees and create a negative impression of your company for business partners and vendors.

At idc-Automatic, we’re the best and most comprehensive commercial garage door provider throughout the greater Minneapolis area. We’re a full-service commercial garage door company specializing in a range of effective, affordable services, including commercial door repair, routine maintenance and installation. We believe your commercial garage door should be a trusted business asset, not a liability.

When you suspect that your garage door needs repairs or replacement, trust your local commercial door experts at idc-Automatic  — we think differently about garage doors, always providing our clients with personalized and complete commercial garage door solutions.

Commercial Services We Offer

The trained commercial door experts at idc-Automatic are dedicated to offering our local commercial customers with durable garage door solutions that exceed their performance and efficiency expectations. With these qualities in mind, we provide the most extensive and responsive commercial garage door repair, maintenance and installation options.

For every commercial garage door project we work on, we evaluate the site’s specific requirements and recommend quality solutions that will streamline your daily operations, improve site safety and maximize your company’s profits. After more than 45 years of industry experience, we’ve worked with a variety of different businesses throughout the Minneapolis area, ensuring effective solutions for warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing and processing locations, storage facilities, hospitality venues, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities, municipal buildings and more.


When your business’s productivity depends on the smooth and dependable performance of your commercial overhead garage door, avoiding repairs can be costly for your business. Damaged or malfunctioning garage door systems can impact your daily productivity and profits, pose safety concerns for onsite employees and undermine the security of your facility. As a local area business, the team at idc-Automatic understands the importance of a functional garage door, and that’s why we offer the most comprehensive commercial door repairs.

For every commercial garage door repair request, we respond promptly with fully loaded trucks ready to tackle any type of repair, large or small. To quickly restore your business operations, we have the flexibility and operating capacity to offer same-day and emergency after-hour repair services. We can handle a range of different common commercial overhead door repairs for any door make or model, including:


Keep your Minneapolis business running smoothly and optimally by regularly performing maintenance on your commercial garage door system. With routine garage door maintenance completed by a professional technician every 5,000 cycles, you can improve the safety and performance of your garage door, reduce costly and inconvenient last-minute repairs and extend the longevity of your commercial door system.

During commercial garage door maintenance visits, a trained expert will be able to thoroughly inspect every aspect of your system, effectively identifying potential repair needs and performance lags. From there, they can recommend repair or replacement options to improve the performance and efficiency of your door.

At idc-Automatic, we offer the most complete and detailed commercial garage door maintenance solutions for Twin Cities businesses — with extensive training and understanding of various commercial garage door setups, our team can provide the best maintenance check-ups to ensure long-term operations and heavy-duty performance throughout your garage door’s lifespan. With every garage door maintenance visit, we perform thorough visual inspections of all components, lubricate moving parts and inspect overall operations.

Your overhead door is an important component of loading dock safety. Read more loading dock safety tips.


When it comes to commercial garage doors, at idc-Automatic, we understand that no two businesses are the same. Each company requires unique solutions to meet their operating needs. At idc-Automatic, we exclusively stock and install only the highest quality commercial garage doors from Clopay, a leading manufacturer of garage door products. Each Clopay commercial garage door is crafted from the highest quality materials and manufactured according to the highest standards for exceptional durability and streamlined performance, even in the most demanding environments.

We offer a wide selection of commercial door products to suit your exact industry expectations, including:

  • Steel overhead doors with or without insulation
  • Full view aluminum commercial doors
  • Rolling steel garage doors
  • Roll-up industrial sheet doors
  • Specialty products and garage door accessories