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Twin City Dock Leveler Repair 

Businesses throughout the Twin Cities rely on loading dock levelers to bridge the gap between warehouse doors and freight vehicles. Levelers create a stable platform strong enough to support a forklift for rapid loading and unloading, to compensate for float and to increase productivity in the warehouse. When a shipping dock leveler goes down, it can create significant setbacks in both shipping and receiving, leading to repercussions that ripple throughout the company.

Warehouse delays caused by bottlenecks in the loading dock put customer relationships at risk. A broken dock leveler can also lead to additional labor costs, challenges with vendors and suppliers, and an unsafe work environment. If your dock leveler needs service, idc-Automatic offers maintenance and repairs for businesses across Minneapolis and St. Paul. Our expert technicians work fast to get your loading dock back to work and keep your warehouse operations moving.

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Fast and Professional Repair for Loading Dock Levelers

If your dock leveler is stuck, making noises, having trouble staying secure or in need of any repair, our dedicated service team has you covered. We make it easy to schedule same-day service and after-hour repair to ensure you don’t miss your incoming shipments or delay your deliveries. With over 45 years of experience serving the local area with a range of services, including expert dock installation and ongoing care, we have the ability to perform fast and accurate repairs.

We provide expert dock leveler repair and maintenance services on products of any make, model and type, including:

  • Vertical dock levelers
  • Edge-of-dock levelers
  • Hydraulic dock levelers
  • Air-powered dock levelers
  • Mechanical/manual levelers

Our Minneapolis Loading Dock Equipment Repair Services

At idc-Automatic, we understand how important it is for your loading dock levelers to perform as designed. Our technicians begin each service appointment with a complete assessment of all your levelers and dock plates as a proactive measure to prevent your other equipment from breaking down. If we identify any areas of concern, our technicians will make detailed recommendations to help you keep your loading dock operating at capacity. 

Our technicians operate by the book to ensure your loading dock equipment repair is accurate and complete. As the leading loading dock repair company throughout the Twin Cities, we have first-hand experience identifying problem areas fast, making professional recommendations and implementing the correct solutions for an extensive range of dock levelers.