Garage Door Maintenance for Minneapolis Homeowners

When you operate your garage door, does it seem less smooth, efficient or responsive than it once was? Like your vehicle or household appliances, your garage door system is a crucial household fixture and needs to be inspected and maintained at least once every year to ensure the safe functionality, efficiency and overall performance of the door and opener. However, most homeowners make the mistake of having a technician look over their garage door systems only after a piece of hardware has already broken. By instead scheduling annual garage door tune-ups, you can prevent inconvenient and time-consuming last-minute repairs.

At idc-Automatic, we’re the leading Minneapolis area garage door company offering comprehensive residential garage door preventative maintenance services designed to streamline the operations of your garage door and help avoid unwanted breakages. We’re a full-service residential garage door company, and our team of garage door specialists has the tools and experience necessary to perform effective, personalized services for a range of different residential door products.

Don’t let a broken or slow garage door cause problems for your day — schedule annual garage door maintenance with idc-Automatic today for the most helpful and effective residential maintenance plans.

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Our Maintenance Checklist

Garage doors are large systems with several components working simultaneously to lift and lower as prompted. While homeowners expect every part and piece of the garage door to function dependably and smoothly for a lifetime, with regular use and exposure, garage door hardware will wear and eventually break. Routine garage door maintenance can help identify worn parts and allow technicians and homeowners to evaluate effective repair plans as needed to save you time and money in the future.

At idc-Automatic, we provide complete home garage door maintenance services throughout the greater Twin Cities region. Our garage door repair and maintenance professionals are highly trained, experienced and equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to fully evaluate the condition of your garage door and recommend quality repairs as appropriate. During our annual garage door maintenance visits, we will complete the following tasks:

  • Alignment and balance testing: To open and close properly without rubbing or damaging other parts, garage doors must be properly aligned. Our team will perform a thorough balance test to ensure your garage door is properly aligned and make tweaks to your alignment as needed.
  • Part inspection and lubrication of rollers: Garage doors travel up and down the track on rollers. By regularly inspecting these rollers’ condition and lubricating them, you can ensure smooth, steady garage door operations.
  • Spring maintenance and repair: Spring systems help lift and lower the door, and due to the immense tension and weight the springs are under, maintenance and repairs should be handled by a trained professional with specific tools. During maintenance, a technician will inspect the overall quality of the springs, looking for obvious signs of corrosion and wear and lubricating or adjusting as necessary for more efficient operations.
  • Garage door panel inspection: Damaged garage door panels can be unsightly as well as affect the overall performance of your garage door. We’ll look over all of your garage door panels and make sure there aren’t any significant dents, rust buildup or other damages that could compromise your door’s safety or operations.
  • General tune-ups: When our garage door technician performs garage door tune-ups, they make sure to check all components and perform a range of general maintenance services like clearing any built-up debris, replacing damaged weather stripping, testing safety sensors and garage door opener functionality and tightening any loose hardware.