Wholesale Parts for Garage Door Dealers

As a garage door company, it is essential to stock your shop with all of the components your customers need to keep their commercial and residential doors running smoothly.

When you supply your service team with parts from the best manufacturers, you become a trusted source for garage door maintenance and repair in your area. It’s important to buy wholesale garage door parts so your business can offer competitive rates that solidify your place in the local market.

If you are a garage door dealer in the Minneapolis area and are looking for parts, LiftMaster openers, or garage door springs, contact idc-Automatic for your wholesale part needs. We have a team dedicated to the wholesale garage door industry. So whether you need a single part or dozens of parts, we can supply your need.

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Wholesale Part Categories Offered

idc-Automatic offers a wide and complete selection of garage door parts that any garage door dealer may need. These are the main categories that idc-Automatic offers wholesale parts for:

Wholesale Garage Door Springs

Outfit your crew to service varying types of garage door springs. idc-Automatic offers wholesale deals on both torsion springs and extension springs:

  • Extension springs: The oldest and most commonly used garage door spring system, extension springs expand and contract as the door moves. The springs are installed on either side of the door and operate in conjunction with a pulley system to open and close it. Extension springs are specifically built to match the height of each door.
  • Torsion springs: A newer garage door opening method, torsion springs are mounted above the door and use torque to lift it. Rather than expanding and contracting, torsion springs rotate when operating the door. This rotation occurs at a steady, controlled rate, meaning torsion systems require less overall maintenance.

Wholesale Service Parts

idc-Automatic carries all of the parts your service team will need to repair any garage door opening system. Contact our wholesale team to discuss deals on essential parts including, but not limited to:

  • Rollers: Keep the inventory to replace the rollers for any unique garage door opening system.
  • Hinges: Carry commercial and residential hinges for any gauge size or width.
  • Brackets: Equip your team with brackets of all sizes to make quick repairs to home and industrial garage doors alike.
  • Lubrication: Never run out of the fluids that keep your customers’ doors running efficiently.

LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Parts

Supply your Minneapolis business with the parts to service the most notable garage door opener brands on the market. idc-Automatic carries a full line of LiftMaster openers for any commercial or residential property, as well as the parts to ensure your company can provide repairs to any customer’s system. Buy LiftMaster openers and parts wholesale from idc-Automatic to offer competitive rates on the best equipment.

Skylink Garage Door Opener Parts

idc-Automatic is proud to carry residential garage door openers from the best manufacturers in the industry. Shop with us to equip your shop with the parts to repair Skylink products, such as the Atoms Pro ATR-2612 opening system. Skylink openers are designed with the most convenient modern technology to satisfy any residential homeowner.

Get Started With idc-Automatic

When you work with a reliable wholesale retailer like idc-Automatic, you’ll get the best prices that will help you offer the most competitive rates on parts and services. Improve customer satisfaction and generate more business by supplying your shop to offer full service on the top garage door opener brands.

idc-Automatic is the best source for wholesale garage door parts in the Minneapolis area. For Wholesale inquiries, contact wholesale@idc-automatic.com or call our office at 736-786-4730 to make an appointment today.

For Wholesale inquiries, contact wholesale@idc-automatic.com

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