Garage Door Repair Services For the Minneapolis Area

As the local garage door repair experts in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, idc-Automatic is your go-to garage door repair team.  Our core priorities are to provide fast reliable repair service and provide a high standard of customer service.  Our repair team is made up of certified experienced technicians, who can diagnose and solve all of your garage door repair needs. Call our team today for your garage door repair needs.

Our Repair Services

  • Spring repair
  • Cable repair
  • Broken roller repair and replacement
  • Off-Track repair
  • Damage or dented panel repair
  • Opener repair
  • and any other garage door repair need

Looking for commercial repair services? We’ve got you covered.

If your garage door is broken, not working right, or not working at all, don’t wait, request your repair service today. You can reach the service team at idc-Automatic by calling us or by contacting us online.

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Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair:

  • Garage Door Won’t Open or Close: When a garage door won’t open or close, there are a number of different potential issues. Common causes of this problem are: broken or worn cables, malfunctioning opener, stripped opener gear, or broken spring. Whatever the issue may be, when your garage door won’t open or close, you need garage door repair immediately.
  • Garage Door Makes Excessive Noise: An extra noisy garage door is often a sign that the garage door needs repair services. There are a number of different sounds to listen for. If you hear a popping sound as it opens or closes it may be that panels are not coming together properly. If you hear a grinding noise, the door could have broken rollers or could be dragging against the track. If you hear rumbling or grating, this could mean the spring needs attention. No matter what odd sound you hear, be sure to request garage door repair to get it solved.
  • Garage Door is Off Its Tracks: As you know, garage doors open and close along a track, connected by a collection of rollers. When this connection is disrupted and the garage door comes off the track the garage door will not be able to close or open. If you try to close or open the door when it is off the rollers it may cause more damage and pose a serious risk to you. Save that trouble for the pros and call for garage door repair.
  • Garage Door Looks Unbalanced or Misaligned: If you notice one side of the garage door sagging or lower than the other, this is a sign that your garage door is unbalanced and needs immediate repair. An unbalanced garage door can prematurely wear other parts and cause the need for more repairs.
  • Garage Door Operates Slowly: A slow garage door is a garage door that takes more than several seconds to open. If this is the case for your garage door, it could benefit from a repair visit as well as on-going maintenance visits to extend the life of your garage door. There are several issues that can cause a slow garage door. Without addressing the issue it can lead to more damage and repairs, so get ahead of it now with a visit from a repair specialist.