Steps to Order Your New Custom Garage Door

Beautiful Wood Garage Doors

We work with you each step of the way in the process of designing and ordering new custom garage doors

Every custom garage door may be different, but we follow these steps to ensure your complete satisfaction.

1Step one


We gather basic information to get you a prompt and accurate quote:

  • Type of garage door (e.g. 7 or 5 Series)
  • Quantity and rough sizes of doors
  • Location of project
  • Style of garage door(s)
  • Windows & type of glass
  • Wood species if applicable
  • Finishing option desired
  • Additional options desired

Deliverable: IDC quote in .pdf format.

2Step two


This is a more detailed stage where we will review with you all of the design details you may want for your doors including:

  • Finalizing wood species
  • Finalizing window styles & glass type
  • Detailed measurements of the rough opening
  • Finishing details including color & type of stain
  • Selection of weather strip seal color

Deliverable: CAD of door based on specs & measurements

3Step three


After reviewing all of information to this point, we will ask you for the following:

  • Sign off CAD approving the door for production
  • Sign off & acknowledgment of warranty
  • Sign off finish sample
  • Down payment to begin production

Deliverable: Sales order for new garage doors

4Step four


Once your door is in production, you will receive an e-mail from our sales coordinator who will answer any questions you have during this process. She may also contact you if there are any questions about the order or any delays that would affect the production timeline.

Deliverable: Introductory e-mail

5Step five


In about 6-8 weeks from the time your order was placed, your door will be ready for either installation or shipment, depending on your location.

  • Local Installation
    • You will receive a call from our installation coordinator to schedule installation of your new doors
    • Our professional installers will install your door and ensure that they operate to our high standards
  • Shipment of Doors
    • Each door is carefully crated to ensure they are protected for shipment
    • Doors are shipped to a freight terminal near your jobsite for pick up by a local installer of your choice

Deliverable: Brand new custom garage doors!

6Step six


We want you to be happy with your doors and with the experience of ordering garage doors from us. Your feedback to our customer survey is extremely helpful!

Deliverable: Customer feedback survey