Strength and Durability

When you live in a cold weather climate, the exterior of your home takes a beating. This goes for your garage door, as it does for your siding, roof, and other exterior areas. That’s why it’s so important to make sure your garage door has the toughness needed to both survive and thrive through the coldest months of the year. At IDC-Automatic, we offer traditional steel garage doors in Minneapolis, Blaine, and other Minnesota communities. These steel garage doors provide the toughness and durability needed to make it through winter fully operational and no worse for wear.

Steel Door Durability Options

Steel doors range in durability based on the gauge of steel used in their construction. The lower the gauge, the thicker and stronger the steel. For example, 24 gauge steel is thicker and stronger than 25 gauge steel. However, a 'sandwich' constructed door, (i.e. a door with two 25-gauge steel skins bonded to an insulated core) is much stronger than a steel frame door with a single 24-gauge steel skin. Our selection includes a range of traditional steel garage doors in a variety of options that let you choose what’s best for your home and its needs. As you consider your garage door options, keep in mind a heavy gauge steel will provide the durability you want in a garage door, and the proper amount of insulation can help protect your garage and its contents through extreme cold and heat. For that reason, the sandwich construction is one of our most popular traditional steel garage doors in Minneapolis, a cold weather climate that demands proper protection.

Premium Steel Durability

Our premium steel garage doors in Minneapolis can help ward off wear and tear, too. Any part of your home’s exterior is going to take a few dings, especially the garage door. Wood overlay doors like IDC's 7 Series Wood Garage Doors are extremely strong and resistant to dents, but wood can dent or chip depending on the object that strikes it. Steel garage doors are far more resilient, and far better at maintaining a pristine appearance even after years of use.

Any time one of our customers is searching for residential garage doors in Blaine, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding areas, we want them to enjoy having options. That’s why we offer premium garage doors made of steel and an array of other materials. We’ve found that different homes and different homeowners require different types of construction, and we aim to offer enough options to help you find something that truly meets your needs.

Contact us to learn more about premium steel garage doors in Minneapolis, with or without insulation, or to ask questions about our products and how they can benefit your home.