Dear Mr. Sizer:

Dear Mr. Sizer:

On Thursday, September 25, I called Industrial Door in the morning for service on my garage door. Within two hours of placing my service call, your technician was at my home. I would like to commend your employee, Brian, the technician who responded to my call. Brian provided excellent customer service. When he arrived, I was very upset because my dad had recently died and I would always call him to help with repair projects. Brian was respectful and compassionate. I explained to him what I had done for two hours before he arrived trying to detach the opener and manually lift the door. He looked at the door and politely explained, I had a broken spring and that was why I could not manually lift the garage door, as it was extremely heavy. I appreciated his kind and courteous response. Mr. Sizer, kindness goes a long way, especially during a sorrowful time in someone’s life.

As a homeowner, I have had other service calls, where were less than pleasant. Brian provided me with hassle-free customer service and he left my garage cleaned up. No mess left behind!

It was stressful enough having a garage door that wouldn’t open during a difficult time in my life, but at least you sent me a competent and trustworthy technician. I appreciate your company’s quick response. Thank you for a positive customer service experience.

Kind Regards,

Susan Ronchak
Coon Rapids, MN

P.S. The garage door is working great!



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