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Tips for Garage Security

Because many of us leave the door from the garage to the house unlocked from time to time, it’s crucial to learn how to secure your garage door properly. Locking your garage door may easily be one of the most important steps in securing your entire home.

How to Secure a Garage Door

One of the most straightforward ways to ensure that you’re practicing optimal garage door security is always remembering to lock the door behind you like any other exterior door in your home. You can also make sure it’s connected to the same alarm system you use throughout your house. Additional safety measures to secure a garage door include:

  • Securing your interior door against break-ins: Consider getting a smart lock for the door leading from the garage into the house. Always keep this door locked when you’re not home.
  • Using a door devil: To install a door devil, you’ll just need a drill and 15 minutes of your time. This solution will improve your garage door security by eliminating door kick-ins as threats.
  • Purchasing a key fob remote: If you have a garage door remote, never keep it in your car. Doing so could present an easy way for a burglar to access your home. Instead, keep the remote inside your locked home or invest in a key fob remote that’s easy to carry with you.
  • Keeping a radio on: A burglar will often move on if they suspect that someone is inside the garage or think someone may be home. Even a small radio can give the illusion of activity.
  • Installing an alarm and motion-sensing lights: Installing an alarm along with motion-sensing lights is one of the most effective ways of securing a garage door against burglars.
  • Covering your garage door windows with curtains or a frosted film: When burglars are unable to see into your garage, they’re less likely to break in.

How to Secure a Garage Door From the Outside

To ensure garage door security from the outside, simply secure the emergency garage door release. Most garage doors have an emergency release located on the inside of the door. With just a wire from outside the door, a burglar can activate the release and break in. To protect your door against outside break-ins, secure the emergency release with zip ties.

Zip ties are easily broken, making your garage door still able to function from the inside — but it won’t be openable from the outside.

How to Lock a Garage Door

Another surefire way to secure your garage door is to invest in a single-sided deadbolt. These locks are impossible to pick thanks to their solid plate on the outside. If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, a sliding bar lock like the Prime-Line Products GD 52118 Inside Deadlock is a good solution.

How Secure Is a Garage Door?

If you’re wondering how secure your garage door really is or you’d like a professional technician to take a look at your door for security features, idc-Automatic is here to help. As a commercial and residential garage door manufacturer and servicer for more than 41 years, we’ve grown to set the standard for high-quality garage doors in the Twin Cities area.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with first-rate customer service, or idc signature service. We have less than a one percent recall rate and offer three-year warranties on labor and materials. Request a free quote or contact us today, and one of our service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.



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