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What is a Faux Wood Garage Door

A faux wood or wood-look garage door is a door made of steel or aluminum that appears to be constructed from wood. Wood-look garage doors are also covered with a wood or wood composite cladding and overlays. Read on to discover how wood-look doors compare to other styles and why they’re a popular choice for residential and business owners alike.

Why Choose Faux Wood Garage Doors?

So why would you want to purchase a faux wood garage door in place of one made of real wood? The answer is nuanced, but the short answer is this: A wood-look garage door offers the beautiful wooden appearance of a genuine wooden door, but delivers the low-maintenance, practical and economic benefits of steel construction. The classic textured wood grain appearance of a faux wood door is an excellent benefit to this style. However, unlike real wood, a wood-look style garage door is moisture-resistant. It does not:

  • Warp
  • Swell
  • Split
  • Shrink
  • Separate
  • Rot

Another benefit of investing in a faux wood garage door is that it will require minimal maintenance on your part. Wood-look style garage doors are insulated, stained and pre-finished in predetermined colors. What does this mean for you? Your door will look just like new decades after installation, and you won’t have to worry about re-painting it every few years.

Best Faux Wood Garage Doors


For over four decades, idc-Automatic has been a leading garage door dealer in all of Minnesota. Our team of professional and knowledgeable technicians is committed to bringing you high-end garage door service solutions for all your residential and commercial needs. We offer a wide range of residential door styles, including:

  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • Contemporary
  • Carriage house

In addition to our featured styles, you can also choose from our Clopay® manufactured garage doorssemi-custom doors and full-custom options to suit your budget needs and aesthetic preferences.

Wood Garage Door Cost

While faux wood garage doors cost more than, say, metal doors, they’re less susceptible to cracking as they age. This feature means fewer repair, maintenance and replacement costs. In addition to being highly reliable and incredibly low-maintenance, wood-look garage doors are more affordable than traditional wood. The average price for a 16-by-7-foot double door is anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200.

Beautiful Wood-Look Style Garage Doors

At idc-Automatic, we offer a variety of faux wood garage door options to choose from. We understand that garage doors represent a large portion of the front of your home, and selecting a design you like is crucial. As a Clopay® Master Authorized Dealer and the largest Clopay installing dealer in the five-state area, we have less than a one percent recall rate when it comes to our residential and commercial garage doors.

With idc-Automatic, you can expect superior customer service, excellent financing options, free quotes, same-day service, extended warranties and quick delivery. Check out our robust product line and large stock in our Minneapolis showroom today, or contact us with questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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