When the time comes to replace your garage door, making the best choice might seem a daunting task. Homeowners have several priorities to consider. Long-term durability and reliability are crucial factors — a door built to last will save you time and money in the years to come. A garage door also makes up a significant part of your home’s facade, so it’s essential to find a door that matches your home’s style.

If you’re ready to replace your garage doors, consider the Overlay Collection X Series. With the X Series, you can design your one-of-a-kind garage door or choose from a vast collection of custom designs. That way, you can have the exact door you’re picturing for your home, without compromising expert craftsmanship and top-notch construction. Read on to learn all about the X Series and the complete Overlay Collection.

What Is the X Series?

The X Series is unlike any garage door series you’ve seen before. We craft each door based on custom design specifications, meeting each homeowner’s precise needs. While other series have a limited number of standard designs, the X Series offers virtually infinite potential. If you’ve sketched your ideal garage door in your mind’s eye or on a piece of paper, the X Series is perfect for you.

X Series Features: Unlimited Possibilities

Each X Series door has several desirable features regarding construction and quality. With the X Series, you’ll be able to design your door according to your style and taste, choosing from existing element selections or branching out. Whether you submit an entirely new design or choose from the archive of past designs, you’ll enjoy all the following X Series advantages.

1. Total Customization

The X Series’ primary benefit is its complete customizability. Modifying every element of your garage door gives you the chance to think outside the box and create a unique feature for your home. You can personalize each of the following elements.

  • Design: With the X Series, you have total control over the door’s design. You can start from scratch or choose from our catalog.
  • Wood overlay and grade: You can also choose the wood overlay and grade you prefer with the X Series.
  • Wood species: Another unique feature of the X Series is the ability to choose your favorite wood species. Select from the Overlay Collection list of species or provide us with your material.
  • Stain and paint: Once you’ve picked out your design, you can complete the wood look you desire with your choice of stain and paint. You might choose from our database or provide a sample for color-matching. That way, you can achieve a precise color to match your home.
  • Edge profile: Subtle details, like edge profile, can change a door’s feel and style. You’ll have the chance to choose from several edge profile options, including square, beaded, chamfered and beaded ogee.
  • Windows and hardware: You’ll also get to customize your door’s windows and hardware. Window design options include frosted, Aquatex, rain, acid-etched, obscured and seedy. For hardware, you might choose a combination of pulls, clavos, knockers, hinges, handles or latches.

2. Superior Construction

For most homeowners, the garage door is their largest moving appliance, expected to operate in all conditions hundreds of times per year. A garage door requires expert construction for long-lasting reliability. Choosing a well-constructed garage door can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance over the years.

Every Overlay Collection door benefits from superior construction. The doors feature multi-layer steel composition, injected with polyurethane for increased durability and strength. They’re resistant to moisture, contaminants and heat flow. Each has an R-value of at least 12.9 — R-value represents resistance to heat flow, so these doors provide excellent insulation. They will keep your garage temperature-controlled, reducing your monthly bills and improving the space’s livability.

3. Expert Craftsmanship

Professional craftspeople make each door using the latest technology. During your door’s assembly, the experts will fasten each overlay wood board using a pocket-screw technique, which is much sturdier and more reliable than other methods. Every finishing touch of your door’s construction will be professional and thoughtful. The result will be seamless and offer long-term reliability.

When you choose an Overlay Collection door, you’re choosing durability and superior construction. If you’re looking for a door that will withstand long-term use and weathering, consider the Overlay Collection. With the X Series, you can bring your design ideas to life without compromising quality construction and experienced craftsmanship.

4. Precision Implementation

Once you choose from our design library or submit your custom specs, you can be sure the finished product will meet your expectations. To ensure precision in matching your design specifications, the craftspeople who create X Series doors rely on computer-aided design technology. While hand-drawn architectural plans are useful, CAD ensures total accuracy down to the tiniest details.

About Overlay Collection

If you’re looking for a customizable wood overlay garage door, the Overlay Collection is right for you. It features three unique series, including the 5 Series, 7 Series and X Series. Each allows for various levels of personalization, but the X Series offers total control over your door’s design and features. Whichever series you choose from, you can expect professional design and craftsmanship exceeding industry standards.


The Overlay Collection offers an unrivaled level of customizability. You can choose every detail to meet your exact taste and needs, including the door’s design, stain, edge details and hardware. The possibilities are practically endless. You’ll handpick elements to create your perfect garage door, accentuating your home’s curb appeal and even increasing its market value.


With the Overlay Collection, you can expect high-quality craftsmanship. Industry professionals design and implement each door, using their vast knowledge of the latest technology and construction techniques. They carefully design, assemble and inspect each door. This unmatched attention to detail ensures every Overlay Collection door is beautiful and durable.

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A garage door is a considerable, long-term investment that can completely change the look and feel of your home’s facade. For a purchase like this, customizability is a must. With the Overlay Collection X Series, you’ll have total control over your garage’s design and elements. You can make your vision come to life, relying on expert craftsmanship for a durable finished product.

If you’re interested in building a made-to-order garage door, our team at idc-Automatic is here to help. We offer a wide array of standard and custom residential garage doors. We also provide garage door services, including installations, repairs and maintenance. Consider idc-Automatic for all your garage door needs. For a free quote on an X Series custom garage door, contact us today.