Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

Various residential garage doors to choose from with a large variety of colors and styles

Wood Look Residential Garage Doors in Minneapolis

Explore or wood look garage doors

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IDC-Automatic has been a leading Garage Door Dealer in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota for over four decades. Since our early days, IDC-Automatic Garage Doors family has operated on a firm tradition of bringing you automatic garage doors and service solutions that are first in every class.

At the core of our business is durable, quality and beautiful garage doors, built to fit any home. If you are looking for a new garage door, shop our vast selection of garage doors to find the one that will fit your needs best. Contact us with any questions.

Our Garage Door Selection

We have a large selection of Clopay manufactured garage doors as well as custom and semi-custom garage doors for you to choose from

Clopay Manufactured Garage Doors

For more than 50 years, Clopay® has manufactured beautiful, durable and reliable garage doors. Clopay is America’s favorite garage door brand, a distinction achieved through their unrelenting focus on delivering true performance.

Avante Collection

This modern Clopay® garage door is a Minneapolis product, and it gives glass and aluminum garage doors high customization options. From color to the level of aluminum, the choice is yours.

Modern Steel Collection

Modern Steel offers a beautiful selection of garage door styles that fit mid-century home design. These Modern Flush or Grooved panel steel doors come thoroughly insulated, with the option for windows and 13 factory finish options.

Canyon Ridge Collection: Limited Edition Series

The Limited Edition Series features eye-catching carriage house style doors constructed from energy-efficient, Intellicore® insulated steel base. This door comes with our complete faux wood composite cladding and overlays.

Canyon Ridge Collection: Ultra-Grain Series

Another of our Canyon Ridge carriage style doors, the Ultra-Grain Series comes with a 2" Intellicore® polyurethane steel base with Ultra-Grain®, a resilient, beautifully organic, woodgrain paint finish.

Canyon Ridge Collection: Modern Series

We can't wait to present to you our Canyon Ridge Modern series just as soon as it arrives. Combining and expanding upon the previous elements of the Canyon Ridge series, we expect the Modern Series to make an impression.

Coachman Collection

The Coachman garage door mixes the ideal elements of attractiveness and practicality. These easy to maintain steel doors undergo a wooden-look beautification process to provide a gorgeous set of doors with the strength and low-maintenance of steel.

Custom Garage Doors

In many situations, build a custom or semi-custom garage door can be the right option for many homeowners

7 Series Custom Wood Garage Door

IDC-Automatic's own 7 Series Custom Wood Garage Door is a handcraft wood garage door built to your specifications. This beautiful door also comes with a lifetime warranty.

5 Series Semi-Custom Garage Door

The 5 Series Semi-Custom Garage Door by IDC-Automatic is a beautiful carriage-style garage door that comes with semi-custom features in order to give more homeowners the affordable access to a beautifully crafted garage door

Garage Door Materials

Nowadays, garage doors can be built with a variety of materials. Just as important as the design of the door is, so too is picking the right materials for your door home. Explore the benefits of the various types of garage door materials

Steel Garage Doors

Steel is a popular material for garage doors, and people choose steel for a good reason — it lasts. Steel stands is a low maintenance, durable and inexpensive option. Steel garage doors function as a series of interconnected steel panels that bend using hinges. They operate in the standard manner for garage doors.

As a common choice, steel doors offer easy options for repairs or replacement after years of service. There's a broad range of options for steel doors. They come in many styles, grades, and gauges. This versatility makes them a popular choice for garage door materials. Steel doors greatly vary in price and quality, but, as with anything, the higher price of a steel door generally means better quality.

Pros of Steel Garage Doors

Despite all the types of steel doors available, they all maintain the commonality of quality. Steel doors resist the elements incredibly well. They don't buckle under the changeability of temperatures and humidity. They bear the rain, sun, and snow without degradation.

Speaking of weather, steel functions as an excellent insulator. Even without additional insulation, steel possesses natural insulation properties. You might still need to heat your garage in the winter, but steel garage doors in the Twin Cities make your garage stay warmer, longer, making our Minneapolis winters a little more bearable. You don't want to spend forever trying to start a frozen vehicle in the wintertime.

Another advantage to steel doors concerns rust-proofing. Most steel doors come with a rust-proof coating. This prevents nasty rust from accumulating after prolonged exposure to wet weather, salt, and dirt. This feature makes steel doors a prime choice for customers seeking an option that doesn't deteriorate in value and appearance.

Cons of Steel Garage Doors

There are some drawbacks to steel doors. Steel doors dent or scratch fairly easily when accidentally hit. Try to avoid any undue contact with the door and your door, won't become scratched or dinged up. If you know you are rough on your garage doors or you have kids coming in and out of the garage for bikes and scooters, steel may not be the best option.

If divots in your door concern you, consider getting a thicker gauge steel door. More durable steel protects better against any forceful contact your door might encounter. If you know a steel garage door is best for your MN home, research which steel door is right for your needs — or ask us, we happy to advise you on this decision. We consider the weather and your need for insulation.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood offers another set of options for garage door materials. When you assess these factors, consider how a wooden door will complement your home. A wooden door brings out the natural beauty of a house, especially if there's natural wood present in your exterior already. Since wood is a classic, however, there’s no exterior it doesn’t match.

Pros of Wooden Garage Doors

Wood also offers an option for those seeking an extra bit of rustic flavor. Its attractive, visible woodgrain also adds an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your home, boosting its value. In addition to wood's natural charm, there are some structural advantages to consider. Wood doesn't dent. While other metal material doors bend or become damaged, wood retains its structural integrity. Don't worry about dings or divots. Wood stands up to accidental contact and won't accumulate any war wounds.

Cons of Wooden Garage Doors

Despite these pros, wood also has several drawbacks. For instance, to keep your wood looking new and not weather-worn, your door will need a lot of upkeep. Repainting or re-varnishing will be an occasional chore to perform every couple years. You'll also need to ensure no cracks appear since cracks can lead to rotting. It's best to perform a check of the door on a regular basis, especially during periods of rain and snow.

Another downside is the expense. Wooden doors run a high price tag. Be prepared to pay for the quality you'll receive. Of course, the ultimate cost depends on which type of wood you select. If you're willing to settle for a less attractive grained wood, you can limit your spending.

One major drawback to wood garage doors in the Twins Cities is that they lack insulation. Unlike the insulation qualities of steel doors, wood doesn't offer substantial natural protection. Furthermore, because of wood's heaviness and fixed nature, it's difficult to add extra insulation to the door.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum represents an industry standard garage door material, and it has maintained a place among the most popular materials for many good reasons. It has many appealing features for those looking for sturdy and reliable garage doors in Minneapolis.

Pros of Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum has s a reputation for being low maintenance. Unlike wood, which rots, and steel, which rusts, aluminum doesn't deteriorate with time or require extensive attention and upkeep. This makes it easier to care for your door and not need to worry about repairs and replacement parts.

Installation is easier with aluminum. The lightweight qualities of this metal make it effortless to lift and fix in place. This quality alone takes some strain off your garage door opener. Aluminum offers several grades of insulation, so an aluminum garage door is advantageous for people living in colder climates. Aluminum is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to wood. However, it maintains a lower price due to several downsides.

Cons of Aluminum Garage Doors

Aluminum dents easily. Its natural, lightweight features offer little resistance to accidents. If you back your car into the door, a basketball careens into it, or your kid runs into it with their bike, your door will be marked forever. As with anything, there's always a give and take.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

When choosing a garage door material, people often overlook fiberglass. Too frequently, it seems like the only options are wood or metal. However, fiberglass offers an attractive, inexpensive, low-maintenance and durable alternative.

As a material, fiberglass undergoes an interesting fabrication process. Glass fibers mix with a plastic resin solution which acts as a binding agent. This combination gives the appropriate shape to the fiberglass while the glass fibers provide the strength. Fiberglass's customization ability lets manufacturers choose the form and necessary resilience of the final product. These factors make fiberglass a choice material for garage doors.

Pros of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass offers several choices for insulation. Depending on your preference, you can increase the number of insulation layers. If you don't require a heated garage, a single fiberglass panel protects from the elements. However, the option to add an extra layer always exists for fiberglass.

Occasionally, an extra inner layer of a metal material gets added to multi-layer doors. This enhances the strength of the fiberglass to improve the durability of the door. Like metal doors, fiberglass garage doors grant owners a low maintenance option. It neither rusts nor rots. This factor alone gives it an edge over steel or wood. Its advantage over aluminum concerns is its firmness. Fiberglass doesn't dent.

Like aluminum, fiberglass is incredibly light and easy to install. As we mentioned, lighter doors decrease the strain exerted on your garage door mechanism. This helps extend your system, resulting in less frequent issues or replacement costs.

Cons of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Unfortunately, there are a couple of downsides to fiberglass. In some cases of prolonged exposure, fiberglass becomes unnaturally stiff and fragile. In such instances, cracking might occur after unexpected contact. Single panels often don't offer enough strength to withstand some collisions. Be aware of these risks, especially regarding our cold winters in Minnesota.

Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl offers an expensive, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing option for garage doors. When you consider the pros and cons of all these types of garage doors for your Minneapolis home, vinyl is one more to consider for its durability and cost-effectiveness.

Pros of Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl garage doors provide a strong, dent-proof material with excellent weather protection. If you need insulation, this option exists for vinyl doors. You can request various degrees of insulation for vinyl garage doors. Because of the area where we live, these protections matter. Even heated garages are more efficient when their doors are insulated.

They provide homeowners with a strong material they don’t have to worry about being too fragile for the kids to play basketball near, and they cost less than other options.

Cons of Vinyl Garage Doors

Despite their qualities, some drawbacks for vinyl garage doors exist. Vinyl exterior fades with age — sun and snow can both exacerbate that aging. The quality of the product doesn't guarantee that the resin, which provides the color, will remain unchanged after exposure to the elements.

Another factor concerns insulation. Without enhanced layering, vinyl offers practically no protection from the cold. Warping can occur due to this decreased internal protective strength. Another factor concerns the high flammability of vinyl. If you choose a vinyl door, ensure all open flames are kept well away from this incredibly combustible material.

Considering the kinds of equipment stored in a garage — electrical snow blowers, grills, and lawnmowers, this could be a big drawback.

Residential Garage Door Styles

On top of choosing the right material for your garage door, getting the right look to match you home is a key piece of any garage door selection. The world of garage doors offers many different styles and options, here are a few popular choices we at IDC Automatic recommend.

  • Traditional Doors: These doors come in steel. We offer additional polystyrene insulation, various gauge thicknesses, and optional embossed woodgrain.
  • Gallery: Carriage style doors are great for a classic look. Options for gallery garage doors include steel, optional insulation, and wood emboss.
  • Premium: Galvanized, pre-painted steel doors with bonded, durable, insulation are your best option. We also offer optional woodgrain embosses and a variety of colors.
  • Wood: Our wood-look doors transform a home, increasing its curb appeal and, therefore, its value. Their doors offer all the glory of wood without the headache of maintenance.

Residential Garage Door Insulation Options

For insulation, several main options exist. At IDC-Automatic, we recommend to our Twin Cities garage door customers either polyurethane and polystyrene. Depending on your needs, either one of these two fine insulations will satisfy your requirements. The one thing to know is that polyurethane offers a better-quality insulation than polystyrene. Consider your heating and sound-proofing needs when selecting an option.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

Minneapolis garage doors need solid insulation in the winter. Not only will insulation provide enhanced heat-proofing, it also aids in street noise reduction. A heated garage goes along way, but if half the heat is escaping through an uninsulated garage door, it isn’t helping as much as it could.

No one likes scraping frost from a windshield or needing to turn-over a frozen car. Programming your heat to fill an effectively insulated garage several hours before you leave for work in the morning will save you time, energy and car-related frustration.

Additional Garage Door Accessories

Garage doors can be a way to show your individuality or complement your home. When you decide on a new garage door, consider these additional garage door accessories.

  • Wood Finishes: A wood finish gives a garage door of any material an elegant and natural look. With it, you have the best of both worlds. While wood is beautiful, it can rot and crack. Why not add a wood finish to any door to boost its beauty? Wood complements almost any home.
  • Decorative Glass: Another popular feature for our Twin Cities residential garage doors is decorative glass. Windows and decorative glass add a certain touch of class to a door. If that suits the style of your home, we recommend considering what a few panes of inset decorative glass can do for your door.
  • Decorative Hardware: Another popular enhancement for garage doors is decorative hardware. This includes elements such as handles and metal plates. They often give a rustic quality to doors and work exceptionally well with older style cottage or wooden doors. Experiment with expanding the style of your doors with a couple of choice hardware elements.
  • Powder Coated Track & Hardware: A final, additional touch of Powder coated track and hardware gives finished garages an extra element of sleek, purposeful intent. A few finishing touches add the icing on the cake of a beautiful garage. Choose some additional colors from our selection if you like.

IDC-Automatic: Garage Door Dealer, Installation and Repair Service

We hope we peaked your interest in garage door materials and our products at IDC automatic. As a Twin Cities garage door dealer, we care about educating our customers on Minneapolis garage doors.

A final feature we'll mention concerns our Minneapolis garage door replacement, repair and installation services. We aim to take all the fuss out of garage doors — and their installation. We're on hand for advice at any time and offer free consolations. Our team of experts jumps at any opportunity to assist garage door customers. We respond to repair issues immediately and will diagnose any issue you experience.

We've operated as a garage door company in Minneapolis since 1974 and offer three-year warranties on our retail installations. Feel free to explore garage door options and contact us for a free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.